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What is ubbey box ?

  • Private Cloud Own by You

    It's your files, and it's your own cloud. With up to 2TB storage space you can keep things organized. Access anytime, anywhere on both iOS and Android devices.

  • Blockchain Encryption

    Blockchain technology provides enterprize level security. Store whatever you want into the box and never worry about being censored, hacked, or tracked by organizations.

  • Pair with Your App

    Use Ubbey Box together with Ubbey App, manage your files on multi-device and cross-platform.

  • Mining and Earning

    Simply allocate free storage space to start mining. Tokens are stored in your Ubbey account or can be transferred to your private key.

  • Share and be Shared

    Bring your family and friends closer by giving them access to your precious memories. Share photos and videos with them and keep them updated.

  • Join the Community

    By having one or more Ubbey Box, you become part of the community. Create groups, spend your Ubbey Coin to trade with others for digital assets.

Store, Safely

With up to 2TB storage space, you can safely store anything you want.

Never worry about being hacked, censored, or tracked thanks to Ubbey's decentralized network and enterprise level security.

Mining, Easy

Ubbey Box is based on Blockchain technology.

Simply allocate your free storage space and it will start mining for Ubbey Coins. 

Ubbey Coin is the currency of our network, it is stored in your Ubbey account and can be transferred to your private key.

Share, Rewarding

We believe that your digital assets are valuable. It should be rewarding if you decide to share your video.

With Ubbey Box, you can trade your digital assets with others Uncensored and get token as reward.

what they say

  • Team I can trust

    I have been working with Ubbey since prototype stage, I know the team well and I trust their product. 

    - Bin Li, Business Advisor

  • A truly safe cloud sotrage

    My needs are simple, all I want is a place to safely store my media, backups, etc. where they can be accessible anytime anywhere. Ubbey Box does exactly what I need.

    - Mark Roberts, Prototype user

  • Mining and sharing are fun

    I'm hooked by Ubbey Box when I know I can mine Ubbey coins and trade for videos.

    - Arthur C, Digital currency trader


What is Ubbey Box?

Ubbey Box is a private personal cloud system integrated with  Blockchain Encryption. It works as a cloud storage but more private and much safer.

Why should you avoid using public cloud?

Public cloud uses a central server which it controlled by third party. Your data in public server are in risk of being censored, hacked, tracked or sold to organizations. 

Why is Ubbey Box safer than a public cloud?

Ubbey Box is designed to bring maximum security in terms of data storage. Rather than upload your data onto a central server, Ubbey Box forms a decentralized network and encrypt your data with Blockchain technology.

Who can use Ubbey Box?

If you value your privacy and looking for a safe place to store your files, Ubbey Box is the right product for you. No matter you are a student who wants to access your essays, or an office man who has to keep some confidential documents, or you just want to drag&drop some videos, you will find Ubbey Box useful.

Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No. There is no fee of any sort. Your files are stored in Ubbey Box permanently unless you decide to delete them.  

How do I download Ubbey App?

You can download Ubbey application from Google Play and iOS App Store.

What is UBBEY Coin?

UBBEY Coin is the digital currency of our network, it can be used to trade with others for digital assets and storage. The symbol was YOU but later changed to UBBEY (

How do I get Ubbey Coin?

You can allocate your free storage space to mining. Once it is allocated, it will start earning Ubbey Coin, the amount depends on how much storage space you have.