About us



Smart Blockchain technology that works for you.

When talking about Blockchain technology, people may think of Bitcoin, token mining this kind of things. Blockchain is more than that, it is a technology with thousands of possibilities. Here in Ubbey we believe that Blockchain should be a technology that everyone can enjoy. Ubbey Box is the product we have designed for you, to protect your privacy, to bring you and the technology closer.

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ABOUT Universal Labs

Universal Labs is building a blockchain solutions designed to facilitate digitalization of asset ownership and making it transferable through the help of Ubbey Network and the Ownership (OWP) protocol.

The Ubbey network is the first decentralized cloud ecosystem and is powered by Ubbey Box, our blockchain personal cloud device that also acts as a node in the network. Universal Labs aim to disrupt both the offline storage and current public cloud-based storage systems. With Ubbey Box on hand, users can store their data both offline/cloud-based. Users can also use extra space in their Ubbey Box to secure their network through proof of storage consensus algorithm and rewarded for securing the network at the same time.